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released January 9, 2014



all rights reserved


I Am The Deceiver Hamburg, Germany

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Track Name: Vitality
This is a new day
and it lights my mind

Flowers dance in the wind that whistles a song
of aesthetics vitality and and creation

It blows over shadows and the pest plants
rays of sunlight ignite cheerfulness

It’s just another perfect day!

Carpe Diem
Acclaim the lore of resurrection!
Carpe Diem
Choose your dreams and live for the moment!

He speaks through you and me
We shouldn’t haste the day
Everything’s so beautiful
from an optimism view

Be thankful for the life as a present
Praise the ocean the soil and the horizon
Estimation beats apathy
wariness against destruction

At the end of this day the awareness begins to down on us
Joie de vivre!
Track Name: Eros & Agape
I counted the days without you
This world seemed so colourless
I stood in front of the gates of exasperation
I was just a dreamer!

The blind witness of our love speaks
Without a tongue
Armors arrow didn't miss me
But it hurt me

How does it feel?

To drown in a desert?
My tears tastes dry
I gaze at the stars
Take my hand

Donate me the breath
your love is imnense
My savior, bless her and me

I was born to live!
Track Name: Heirs
A new chapter of an era begins.
Hand me my scepter and the crown of king.

I’ve been made in the likeness of god.
I assume the succession to the throne.
The whole nation get on its knees.
They bow to me!

There’s only one way that leads to my goal
But I won’t come back home.

I’m just a cyclop

My power is inviolable.
Let the trumpets play my song.
Some who’s on the cross whispers:
“He didn’t die for our sins!”

Almightiness and perfection are in the inscrutability.
There’s no limit to my force.
But before my light extinguished
There’s a voice that speaks to me.

It’s the voice for the voiceless
And we are its tongue
Imperfection is perfection.
We are the new kings.

Protect our heritage!
The tutelar hand guards each of us.
We take our oath.
We are heirs.
Track Name: Autumn
The wish for old times
Equals a stagnation
Leaves fall down but the trunk persists

Memories remain what's left on me?

I am my kingdom
I fight for my fallen dreams

The decision against the remorse
Is my forgiveness
Wenn ich falle fängst du mich auf!

I am the alternation!

System, structures and conventions
Conservatism is our consolidation

Believe in yourself
You are the leader
Every step
Defines your life

Believe in yourself!

Believe in yourself
You are the leader
The journey is the reward

This Autumn!
Track Name: Our Confession
This is a stampeed!
Escape from the blame

We are voiceless because we're deaf
There's no tomorrow
I'm not a prophet
But i'm a preacher

We are deaf enough to miss the seventh trumpets sound
We are our prophecy
We are our fate

When we see the daylight it's our fight against ourselfs
and no one's by our side

Follow the dark light
Feel the consequence
The man is the poorest Swayer

Where are the owls when we need them?

A seed was planted
The world prospered
With all its tradegies
We are one

We testify
We are ashamed
We recognize
This is our end!
Track Name: Full Of Stones
This is a story of a broken man
Who stumbles over every stone.
Tremble, Running, Escaping from himself
But a phoenix has to arise out of

Fly away!
To a better place
Beyond all sorrow and reality

Fight for your aims
You have to keep your head up
Build a bridge

This way is full of stones
But our savior will carry us home
Our way is full of stones!

One milion prays were spoken
One milion hearts aren’t broken
The idyll in yourself
Writes the lyric of your life

There is a stone that bars my way.
Is that the beginning of something new ?
Through it impact gushes the source of life
It attests to consistency

This way is full of stones
But our savior will carry us home
Our way is full of stones!

The new life’s fundament
Will be built on him
Therefore approach and roll it henceforth.
The resurrection of your soul takes place.